Remit2Home Blog - The City of Batangas in Philippines

The City of Batangas in Philippines

Batangas is a first class province of the Philippines located in the southwestern part of Luzon in the CALABARZON region. Its capital is Batangas City and it is bordered by the provinces of Cavite and Laguna to the north and Quezon to the east. Across the Verde Island Passages to the south is the island of Mindoro and to the west lies the South China Sea. Batangas City is the most favorite travel destination by tourists and it is only 2 to 3 hours drive from Manila Airport.

Remit2Home Blog - Places to visit in Philippines, Batangas and verdeiIsland passages

Verde Island Passages in Philippines

Batangas is composed of plains and mountains, including the world’s smallest volcano, Mt. Taal (2000 ft), which is the main attraction for tourists from around the world. Other important peaks are Mt. Makulot, Mt. Talamitan, Mt. Pico de Loro, Mt. Batulao, Mt. Manabo, Mt. Daguldol – these peaks ranges between 2000 ft – 2700 ft. Batangas is also the home of the plantation of Central Azucarera Don Pedro, the Philippines’ largest producer of sugar and other sugarcane products. Batangas has many islands, including Tingloy, Verde Island (Isla Verde), Fortune Island of Nasugbu.

Remit2Home Blog - World's Smallest Volcano - Mt. Taal, Philippines. Only 2000 ft.

World’s Smallest Volcano – Mt. Taal, Philippines. Only 2000 ft.

It also boasts of ancestral houses and structures dating back to the 19th century. The province has many excellent beaches and diving spots, and offers delicious native foods for everyone. Batangas is also known for its fan knife, called balisong by the natives. The local dialect spoken in the province is Tagalog. The high literacy of the locals means English is also widely spoken in the province. Spanish is also understood up to some extent. In fact, some towns like Nasugbu, Taal and Lemery still have a significant minority of Spanish speakers. Visayan is also spoken by a significant minority due to the influx of migration from the Southern Philippines.

Remit2Home Blog - 19th Century structures

19th Century structures in the Batangas region, Philippines

Do not Miss:

1. Beaches – Lots of beaches & resorts with swimming pools and restaurants; snorkeling, scuba diving awaits everyone

2. Islands – Enjoy visiting several small islands including Tingloy, Verde Island (Isla Verde), Fortune Island of Nasugbu

3. Must see – Basilica Minor of St. Martin, Pre Hispanic Houses, Taal Volcano

4. Mountains – Explore the mountains on a mountain bike or trek on foot with friends or with locals

5. Buy – Barong Tagalog, one of the Philippines trademarks and national costume for men; balisong (butterfly knife)

6. Eat – Taste local flavors such as sinaing na Tulingan, suman, longganisa, tapa, achara, Bagoong, macapuno, ube and pastillas, and a lot more native delicacies are available here

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