Jaflong: A Panoramic Destination

Jaflong is one of the most attractive tourist destinations among all the hill tracts of Bangladesh. It’s about 60 km from Sylhet and takes two hours drive to reach there. Jaflong is surrounded by the hilly jungles which adds to its beauty and is also blessed with the rare beauty of rolling stones from the hills. It is situated besides the river Mari in the lap of Hill Khashia.

Jaflong - Bangladesh

Jaflong – An attractive destination in Bangladesh

The Mari river which flows from the great Himalayas of India along the Khashia hills within Jaflong is the main transporter of the stones bringing millions of stone boulders with its tide. Every shape and size of stone can be found in plentiful here, making it the main resource of stones in Bangladesh. One can watch the stone collection while enjoying boating in the river Mari. It’s recommended to visit in rainy season to enjoy the amazing natural beauty of the river.

Jaflong in Bangladesh

River Mari

Tourist spots in Jaflong:

• Tamabil
• Sripur
• Srimongol


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Tamabil the zero point between Bangladesh and India

Tamabil is the zero point for Bangladesh and India. It’s only 5 km away from Jaflong and has a similar kind of green hilly natural beauty. Recently a beautiful rest house is built in lap of nature. A night at the rest house can be one of the reasons to go there. One can book the rest house a week before the arrival to Tamabil from the DC (District Commissioner) office in Sylhet. If someone intends to visit Shilong in India, then he will have to cross the border by completing his visa & customs formalities.


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Waterfalls in Sripura

Sripur is another beautiful tourist spot which has a panoramic natural view and a waterfall. It’s only 7-8 kms from Jaflong on the same road to Sylhet where the detour leads to the Sripur waterfall. Besides the enchanting views of the area, one can also have a glimpse of the waterfalls across the border of India. Big stones come through this waterfall in Sripur. These stones are so big in size that some of them have risen from the waterfall making the place one of the more dazzling and desirable destination in Bangladesh. One can see the stone collection & the orange garden while entering Sripur crossing the hills.

Srimongol, the Tea capital of Bangladesh is just 191 kms from Dhaka. The lush green terraced tea garden, rubber garden, the pineapple and the lemon plantations are the major attractions for the foreign tourists visiting here. The Lauawachara rain forest situated here is the habitat of white browed Gibbons, hornbills and many other rare animals and birds. One can have a look into the spectacular tea processing at the Tea Research Institute which produces a large quantity of high quality tea every year. Srimongol is also called “The land of two leaves and a bud”. There are some hotels in Srimongol where one can stay, but if someone can manage to stay in the Tea garden then it would give him a different type of a memorable experience. For that the person needs to have to take the permission from the owner of any tea state.

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Srimongol the tea capital of Bangladesh

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