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Events in November

In the northern hemisphere, November is usually considered the last month of autumn. The word “November” is derived from the latin word novem, meaning “nine” because originally it was the ninth month in the Roman calendar. This was changed to the present day order which is the eleventh month when catholic countries adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1582.

To the Filipino people, November is an eventful month. From good news to bad news, from triumph to defeat, from happiness and sadness, the month has been a mix of celebrations, memorable events, stories which will surely be remembered forever by everyone. Below are the major events which occurred in the month of November 2013. These events have touched the lives of millions of Filipinos and has also touched the hearts of each and every one from around the globe. The month has exposed the lives of the Filipinos to the world, and the events has put the limelight to a small nation in the pacific – The Philippines. Truly, the Filipino spirit at its best was revealed to the world in November.

November 1 – All Saints day (Todos Los Santos)

All Saints day (Todos Los Santos)

All Saints day (Todos Los Santos)

All Saints’ Day is a celebration of all Christian saints and is a solemnity celebrated on 1 November by the Catholic Church in honour of all the saints, known and unknown. It is held, not only to remember Saints, but also to remember all those who have died & were members of the local church congregation. This is a joyous feast and Filipinos flock the cemeteries and churches to offer prayers, candles, mass, and celebrate the day with family and friends, similar to All Souls Day.

November 2 – All Souls Day (Araw ng Mga Patay)

All Souls Day (Araw ng Mga Patay)

All Souls Day (Araw ng Mga Patay)

All Souls’ Day is a day of alms giving and prayers for the dead, remembering the dead family members and friends. This day focuses on gatherings of Filipino family and friends and visiting the cemeteries, and it is supposed to be a sad day but as it turns out, is becomes a joyous event instead; because it paves the way for reunions and gatherings of distant relatives and friends. Tombs are cleaned and repainted, candles are lit, prayers, flowers, and the favorite dishes of the departed are offered to the tombs. Entire families camp in cemeteries and sometimes spend a night or two near their relatives’ tombs. Card games, eating, drinking, singing and dancing are common activities in the cemetery. Often included in these traditions are food and beverages, in addition to prayers and remembrances of the departed in a joyous way often showcasing the uniqueness of the Filipino culture.

November 8 – Disaster in PH – Strongest typhoon “Haiyan” battered the Philippines

Philippines Typhoon - Haiyan

Typhoon Yolanda in Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan (known in the Philippines as Typhoon Yolanda) is unofficially the strongest recorded tropical cyclone to make landfall in the Philippines, with wind speeds up to 315 km/h (195 mph). The cyclone caused vast devastation in the Philippines, particularly on Samar Island, Leyte, and other part of the central visayas region. There is an estimate that at least 5,000 – 7,000 people may have died or missing, and still many people are unaccounted till date. According to UN officials, about 11 million people have been affected and many have been left homeless. Guiuan in Eastern Samar was the point of Haiyan’s first landfall, and was severely affected due to the typhoon’s impacts and storm surge. The devastation in Central Visayas has been described by journalists on the ground as “off the scale, and apocalyptic”. Donations and international aid came in from different parts of the globe to help the victims of the typhoon, and the affected areas has been dubbed as “wastelands” and will take time to recover from the tragedy.

November 9 – Philippines won 3rd runner up in Ms Universe held in Moscow, Russia

Miss Philippines - Universe Ariella Arida

Miss Philippines – Universe Ariella Arida

Miss Philippines – Universe Ariella Arida won 3rd runner-up in the Miss Universe 2013 pageant held in Moscow, Russia. Miss Venezuela, Gabriela Isler, a 25-year-old television presenter, bested Arida, a 24-year-old chemistry graduate from the University of the Philippines – Los Baños, and 84 other contestants. Said to have one billion viewers in over 190 countries, the event was announced in the opening minutes to be dedicated to the Philippines and Vietnam, neighboring countries in the path of destruction of super typhoon “Yolanda” (Haiyan). The runners-up, in order, were Spain’s Patricia Rodríguez, Ecuador’s Constanza Báez, Arida, and Brazil’s Jakelyne Oliveira. The Philippines’ bet was notably the only Asian in the Top 5, and the only contestant who could speak English.

November 10- Pinoy Boxer Nonito Donaire won in Boxing against Vic Darchinyan

Pinoy Boxer Nonito Donaire won

Pinoy Boxer Nonito Donaire won

Nonito Donaire fought Vic Darchinyan in non-title fight that was a rematch of their 2007 fight and won a TKO after the ninth round at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas. He stopped Australian-based Armenian southpaw Vic Darchinyan in the ninth round of a 10-round non title bout to boost his bid to return to boxing’s elite. Nonito Donaire, Jr. (born November 16, 1982) is a Filipino American professional boxer known as “The Filipino Flash,”. Donaire is a three-division world champion and the former IBF, WBO, The Ring Super Bantamweight Champion. He is also the former WBC, WBO Bantamweight, Interim WBA Super Flyweight, IBF and IBO Flyweight Champion. He is a known switch-hitter. Donaire is currently rated by The Ring as the number ten pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

November 24 – Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios in Macau

'Clash in Cotai'

Filipino boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

The world famous Filipino boxer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao thrashed the Mexican-American boxer Brandon Rios in their ‘Clash in Cotai’ WBO International Welterweight title fight on November 24, 2013 in Macau, China before a sell out crowd of more than 13,000 at the Cotai Arena at the Venetian Macao, winning a unanimous decision in their 12 round battle. The fight in Macau ended the losing streak of the 35 years old congressman and famous boxer who have dedicated his fight to his fellow countrymen who are victims of the Typhoon Yolanda in Philippines. His victory has brought cheers, hope and inspiration to the Filipino people.

November 30 – Andres Bonifacio Day (National Holiday)

Andres Bonifacio Day in Philippines

Andres Bonifacio Day in Philippines

The last day of November is a national public holiday in the Philippines that celebrates the birthday of one of the Philippines’ greatest heroes, Andrés Bonifacio. He is often called “the father of the Philippine Revolution”. He was a founder and became the Supremo (Supreme Leader) of the KKK movement (Kataastaasang Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan), a secret society which sought the independence of the Philippines from Spanish colonial rule and started the Philippine Revolution.- Send money to Philippines via Remit2Home Online Money Transfers.

Trivia Time – November 2013

1. Squirrels forget where they have hidden about 50% of the nuts.

Squirrel Memory

“You have the memory of a squirrel”

2. Tree crickets are called the poor man’s thermometer because the temperature directly affects their rate of activity. Count the number of chirps a cricket makes in 15 seconds, then add 37. The sum will be very close to the outside temperature!

3. Monks in the 16th century recorded seeing a giant explosion on the side of the Moon. It most likely was a large meteor that slammed into the Moon and left a large crater. It was a good thing the Moon was between us and the meteor!

4. The hole in the center of the doughnut is credited to a young boy named Hanson Gregory, who in 1847, suggested to his mother that she put a hole in the middle of her “fried cakes” to ensure the cake was fully cooked in the middle.

The Donut Hole

Invention of the Donut Hole

5. The Inca measurement of time was based on how long it took to boil a potato.

The Inca measurement of time

The Inca measurement of time

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Pandango sa Ilaw (Dance with Light)

Ang Pandanggo sa Ilaw

Ang Pandanggo sa Ilaw

Ang Pandanggo sa Ilaw (Dance with Light) ay isang kultural na sayaw ng Pilipinas na naging popular sa mga rural na lugar sa bansa. Ang sayaw na ito ay nagsimula sa sayaw na Fandango, katutubong sayaw ng mga Espanyol, na dumating sa Pilipinas sa panahon ng mga Kastila . Ang sayaw na ito ay naging sikat sa mga illustrados noon at sa kalaunan ay naging tanyag na rin sa lokal na komunidad. Sa unang bahagi ng ika-18 siglo , ang anumang mga sayaw na itinuturing na masigla at buhay na buhay ay tinatawag na Pandanggo.

Ang Pandanggo sa Ilaw ay sinasabing nag-simula sa Mindoro, ang ikapitong – pinakamalaking isla sa Pilipinas. Ang sayaw ng mga ilaw ay nahahalintulad sa mga alitaptap (firefly) sa dapit-hapon at sa gabi . Ang Pandanggo Sa Ilaw ay syang pinaka- mahirap sa lahat ng pandanggos . Ito ay makulay at hindi pangkaraniwan dahil ang babaeng mananayaw ay may tatlong lampara o ” tinghoy ” ( oil lamp) – isa sa ulo at dalawa sa likod ng bawat kamay . Ang partikular na pandanggong ito ay nangangailangan ng kasanayan sa pagbabalanse ng tatlong tinghoy. Ito ay nailalarawan sa pamamagitan ng masisiglang mga hakbang at palakpakan. Ang mananayaw ng pnadanggo ay tinatawag na “pandanggera”.

Philippines Folk Dance - Ang Pandanggo sa Ilaw

Philippines Folk Dance – Ang Pandanggo sa Ilaw

Buko Pie – Baked Young Coconut Pie

Food from Philippines - Buko Pie

Filipino Food – Buko Pie

Since coconut is readily available everywhere in Philippines, the kabayans created a very yummy pastry dish out of it called Buko pie. Buko pie is a traditional Filipino baked young-coconut (malauhog) custard pie. It has proven to be a popular pastry dish for Filipinos and a very good “pasalubong” or take-away gift for friends and relatives. Buko pie is a pastry stuffed with layered slivers of meat of sweet young coconut, and made creamy with thick coconut milk or condensed milk. The shape of the buko pie is usually round, and can be divided into 6 to 8 slices. It is ideal for an average filipino family of five or more members. Buko pies are mostly sold in the southern parts of Luzon. The places that are known to make tasty Buko pies are Laguna, Batangas, and Tagaytay in Philippines.


2 cups fresh buko slices
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup buko juice
3/4 cup coconut milk (evaporated milk / condensed milk)
1/3 cup Cornstarch
1 tsp. vanilla
2 pcs 9 inch or 10 inch ready made pie crust


1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
2. Prepare the filling by combining all ingredients in a pan.
3. Heat the pan on medium heat and cook, stirring continuously until thick.
4. Add the mixture into the prepared crust.
5. Place top crust (with slits) over the mixture then crimp the edges with your fingers or with the tines of a fork.
6. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the crust turns golden brown.
7. Remove from the oven and cool the pie at room temperature for 1-2 hours, then place in the refrigerator to cool down further. The pie is best served cold.
8. Serve & Enjoy!

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Recipe of the Month – Hilsa Fish Korma

Hilsa Fish Korma Recipe

Recipe for Hilsa Fish Korma

Recipe for Hilsa Fish Korma


• 1 kg hilsa
• 2 big onions
• 1 big piece of ginger
• 4 green chilies
• 1/4 tsp of sugar
• 200 gms of sour curds
• 1 tsp of turmeric powder
• 100 gms of mustard seeds
• Add salt & chili powder to taste


• Cut the fish into thin slices.
• Grind onions, ginger, chilies, sugar & mustard seeds to a fine and smooth paste and mix into the curds along with the rest of the above ingredients.
• Set aside for 1 hour, and then heat 4 tsp of mustard on a flat girdle or tawa to smoke, reduce heat and place 2 curd covered slices of fish.
• Cover the slices with a lid and cook over a slow fire till they turn dry, then uncover & fry till brown and crisp.
• Serve piping hot decorated with sprigs of coriander leaves.

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Celebrations for this month

In Bangladesh
Bijoye Dibosh (Victory Day)

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Bijoye Dibosh (Victory Day)

Festival: Bijoye Dibosh (Victory Day)
City: All Cities
Event Type: Celebrations & processions all over Bangladesh
Venue: Various venues in Bangladesh
Date & Time: 16th December 2013 (Monday)

United States Of America

Event: US Bangla International Trade fair 2013
City: New York
Event Type: Trade fair for real-estate, builders, banks, IT technology, insurance companies, consumer products, beauty products, footwear, beverage companies, garment accessories, leather accessories, handicrafts, jewellery & food products
Venue: New York
Date & Time: December 20th – 30th, 2013
Entry Fee: Free entry

United Kingdom

Event: Grand Union Orchestra – Bengal to Bethnal Green
City: London
Event Type: Bengali songs, both in traditional form and contemporary styles reflecting the wide variety of music in London’s vibrant East End
Venue: Rich Mix Arts Centre, 35 Bethnal Green Road, E1 6LA
Date & Time: 8th December2013, Sunday-3.45pm onwards
Entry Fee: Free

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Bijoye Dibosh Celebrations in Bangladesh

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Jaflong: A Panoramic Destination

Jaflong is one of the most attractive tourist destinations among all the hill tracts of Bangladesh. It’s about 60 km from Sylhet and takes two hours drive to reach there. Jaflong is surrounded by the hilly jungles which adds to its beauty and is also blessed with the rare beauty of rolling stones from the hills. It is situated besides the river Mari in the lap of Hill Khashia.

Jaflong - Bangladesh

Jaflong – An attractive destination in Bangladesh

The Mari river which flows from the great Himalayas of India along the Khashia hills within Jaflong is the main transporter of the stones bringing millions of stone boulders with its tide. Every shape and size of stone can be found in plentiful here, making it the main resource of stones in Bangladesh. One can watch the stone collection while enjoying boating in the river Mari. It’s recommended to visit in rainy season to enjoy the amazing natural beauty of the river.

Jaflong in Bangladesh

River Mari

Tourist spots in Jaflong:

• Tamabil
• Sripur
• Srimongol


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Tamabil the zero point between Bangladesh and India

Tamabil is the zero point for Bangladesh and India. It’s only 5 km away from Jaflong and has a similar kind of green hilly natural beauty. Recently a beautiful rest house is built in lap of nature. A night at the rest house can be one of the reasons to go there. One can book the rest house a week before the arrival to Tamabil from the DC (District Commissioner) office in Sylhet. If someone intends to visit Shilong in India, then he will have to cross the border by completing his visa & customs formalities.


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Waterfalls in Sripura

Sripur is another beautiful tourist spot which has a panoramic natural view and a waterfall. It’s only 7-8 kms from Jaflong on the same road to Sylhet where the detour leads to the Sripur waterfall. Besides the enchanting views of the area, one can also have a glimpse of the waterfalls across the border of India. Big stones come through this waterfall in Sripur. These stones are so big in size that some of them have risen from the waterfall making the place one of the more dazzling and desirable destination in Bangladesh. One can see the stone collection & the orange garden while entering Sripur crossing the hills.

Srimongol, the Tea capital of Bangladesh is just 191 kms from Dhaka. The lush green terraced tea garden, rubber garden, the pineapple and the lemon plantations are the major attractions for the foreign tourists visiting here. The Lauawachara rain forest situated here is the habitat of white browed Gibbons, hornbills and many other rare animals and birds. One can have a look into the spectacular tea processing at the Tea Research Institute which produces a large quantity of high quality tea every year. Srimongol is also called “The land of two leaves and a bud”. There are some hotels in Srimongol where one can stay, but if someone can manage to stay in the Tea garden then it would give him a different type of a memorable experience. For that the person needs to have to take the permission from the owner of any tea state.

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Srimongol the tea capital of Bangladesh

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