St.Martins Island (Narical Jinjira)-The Coral Island Of Bangladesh

Bondhu - 1

ST. Martin island is the only coral island in Bangladesh, located near the largest beach in the world,Cox’s Bazaar situated in Chittagong. This island is locally called “Narikal Jinjira” which means coconut island in Bangla. Its about 8.5 km. south of Teknaf. Being one of the leading destinations in Bangladesh for people who love to search for pleasure in different places and peace in the depths of the sea, St. Martin’s Island is a perfect place to be live on.

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It takes about 2 hours to reach Teknaf by road from the Sea Beach at Cox’s Bazar.One would pass through beautiful roads with hills at left and sea view at the right of the road. Not to forget two fantastic destinations on the way, “Himchori” & “Inani Beach”. Inani Beach is a famous place in Bangladesh where one can enjoy the beautiful view of sunset from beach.

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One has to travel by ship or speedboat to reach St. Martins Island from Teknaf. This journey with ship takes around 2 hours but the fantastic greenish view of the sea with a view of Myanmar border washes all tiredness away. Sea Birds flying around the ship accompany you through the entire trip. St. Martin’s Island is also considered one of the most refreshing places in the world.

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Its a heavenly feeling for the one on the beach to view the beauty of the bluish green water surrounded by people marketing dry fish with a few of the motels and cottages around. On St. Martins Island, one can find fresh coconut water to drink, best cottage sea view, facility to organize Barbecue parties with assistance of the local hotel & motels. One can really enjoy the delicious Rup chanda (Butter Fish) or Coral fish and the mouth watering lobsters easily available at St. Martins Island as lunch or dinner at any of the hotels located there.

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The hotels and motels over there are quite cheap in off peak seasons, but it rises during the
Tourist season from December to April. A sea view cottage named “Shomudro Bilash” is a centre of attraction for the tourists walking over the beach. That cottage is owned by the famous Bangladeshi writer “Humayun Ahmed”. Its recommended for the tourists to visit another beautiful island named “Chera Dip”. The name means “Torn Island” because the connector path between St. Martin’s Island and the Chera Dip goes under water during the high tide when water level rises. “Chera Dip” again is another part of the St. Martin”s Island where there is no facility of Motel but a few hotels can be found there where fresh coral fish is being served every day.

Bondhu - 6Whoever wishes to visit Bangladesh should visit Chittagong to have a life time memory of being on the world’s largest sea beach, to have the best view of sunset at “Inani Beach” and the pride of Bangladesh, the beautiful coral beach St. Martin’s beach


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